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An Empty Chair

An Empty Chair


The holidays are a very difficult season after the passing of a loved one.

We often contemplate if we should feel joy or sadness. Guilt and grief settles in at the first thought of enjoying the holiday without them. How can one laugh with friends, cook with family, play with the little ones and enjoy the time spent together when there’s an empty chair? While the holidays have a wonderful way of bringing those we care most for together, grief has a way of convincing us that we should feel guilty for enjoying the holiday season with our loved ones. On the contrary, the holidays filled with family and friends have a way of bringing healing to our hearts. Yes, there may be a newly empty chair, a symbol of what was, or instead perhaps a symbol of laughs shared, hugs given, kisses treasured, memories that will never be erased. Time that we were blessed with. This holiday season we remember those who are dear and near to our hearts. To heal, the heart must grieve, it is essential for our well being. In our brokenness we are reminded of how fragile and fleeting life is, and how every moment should truly be treasured, and in the midst of pain there is comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Grieving looks different for everyone, it is important to remember that it is normal for us to feel sadness and brokenness during this season and it is just as important to be surrounded by love, comfort and joy. Peace comes in knowing that tomorrow may still be a very difficult day, but someday soon you will smile at the memories with thankfulness and gladness in your heart and rejoice at the time you had together,

one day…..

that empty chair will no longer seem empty.

There is hope in healing.

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