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Thomas Richard Beres
November 15, 1964 - July 7, 2019

Thomas Richard Beres

Thomas Richard Beres
Nov 15, 1964 - Jul 7, 2019

Thomas Richard Beres
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On Sunday July 7, 2019, Thomas Richard Beres, a twenty year resident of South Florida passed away unexpectedly, he was 54.

Born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey he is the loving father of Thomas and Jonathan Beres. Brother of Donna Sysyn (Brother inlaw Gregory) and Frank Beres (Sister inlaw Janet). He is also survived by his aunts, Phyllis Kwiecinski (Uncle Jan) and Audrey Marciniak (Uncle Adrian).

The family will receive friends on Saturday July 13, 2019 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. at Horizon Funeral & Cremation Services, 4650 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, FL 22064. A Mass of Catholic Burial will follow at 12:00 noon at St. Ambrose Catholic Church, 380 S. Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441. Private burial services are planned for a later time.

In lieu of flowers, expressions of sympathy may be made in memory of Thomas Beres to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at: www.jdrf.org

Online condolences may be made at: www.HorizonFuneralCremation.com

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Marcia (Donovan) DeSalvo on Sep 8, 2019

More pictures of good old days with Tom and friends

Marcia on Sep 8, 2019


Some more pictures of Tom post Seton Hall

Tony Curiale on Aug 14, 2019

Met Tom at Seton Hall. Sorry to hear about this. You were a good man Tom and many memories of 4th floor Boland Hall.

Marcia (Donovan) DeSalvo on Aug 7, 2019

Met Tom at Seton Hall and from the moment I met him, I knew we’d be lifelong friends. Luckily his English skills ere t great and my Math skills were worse because he met my friend Lori in what we called Dumb English and I met Lori in what we called MT Idiot. Lori introduces us and from then on, Tom ensued we knew where all the parties were and he was always there with a sympathetic ear when we needed. I’m so glad he was so good at cultivating friendships because we kept up with each other after graduation and I saw him whenever I was in Florida. He will be greatly missed but the memories live on. RIP Tom, love “Brady”

Marcia (Donovan) DeSalvo on Aug 7, 2019

Erica I Gonzalez on Jul 30, 2019

My condolences to Tom's family and to Debbie. I had the pleasure to partner with Tom in a Pickleball Tournament (Del Ray Beach) and will say that he was a true gentleman and great sportsman all day - Fighting spirit and a great smile and attitude. He will be missed!!

Charlie Labassi on Jul 19, 2019


My Buddy

Charlie and Marie Labassi on Jul 18, 2019

I was lucky to have known Tom for 37 years. Tom was my best friend, my college roommate, my confidant and my sidekick. We met as eager freshmen at Seton Hall University in 1982 and we immediately hit it off. I showed up to college late after the 3 day orientation period had already ended and Tom immediately befriended me and showed me the ropes. He showed me around the campus, where the cafeteria was, the classrooms were and where the girl’s dorm was. But, most importantly to any college student, he showed me where we could buy beer (even though we were underage) …This was only day1!
As we started to get to know each other, we inquired about each of our pasts. He told me he grew up in Colts Neck, NJ and that his father worked for a pharmaceutical company and his mother was a nurse and that he was one of 3 kids. My jaw hit the floor. I said I grew up in Sayreville, NJ (which is ~15 minutes north of Colts Neck) and that my father also worked for a Pharmaceutical company and my mother was also a nurse and that I too am one of 3 kids. We were amazed at the similarities….but it didn’t stop there. We then learned that both his mother and my mother were working together at the same hospital. Talk about coincidences!
After our first semester, Tom and I became roommates for the next 2 1/2 years as both of our roommates went different paths. We certainly were the Odd Couple, Tom was messy Oscar and I was neat-freak Felix. But it worked for us….until senior year when Tom decided to commute to college. I was devastated! I thought I lost my best friend. Thankfully our friendship was built from the heart and not superficial, and we never missed a beat. In fact when we graduated college we each bought used cars. Unbeknownst to either of us, we both bought a 1979 Honda Civic CVCC, albeit different colors. But I mean really, what are the odds….you talk about 2 people connected!
Since that time, each day with Tom our friendship grew closer and closer. Whether we spoke once a week or hadn’t spoke for 3 months, there was never a re-adjustment period, it was like we just spoke yesterday and just picked up where we left off. We really seemed to “get” each other. He was my partner in crime…my wingman
We also shared many, many great memories over the years. From staying up until 4 AM playing darts in our dorm room (much to the chagrin of our other roommate). To renting ski houses each winter in Hunter Mountain, NY and beach houses each summer in Long Beach Island, NJ. Our favorite thing to do at the beach was play Kadima. We also fished (one time catching 54 fluke during a 3 hour trip), we kayaked, we rollerbladed, we snow skied in Lake Tahoe, we water skied in the Shrewsbury River, we played hockey, we went to NY Yankees games, and NJ Devils games, we partied….and best of all we laughed!
Tom was the best man at my wedding and has always been considered a member of my own family. My parents, my siblings and my wife always loved Tom. He was always kind, compassionate and thoughtful. Tom truly made an impression on my family…..as I am sure he did with all of you based on the large attendance today.
There were 3 main things about Tom that stand out to me. His sense of humor, his passion for adventure & activity and his overall kindness to all he met
• Tom had a very unique sense of humor, almost dry. He could deliver a joke with the straightest face. Almost to the point you’d have to think…”Is he serious?” This really confused people who didn’t know him well and I think he really thrived on that awkwardness. He certainly loved to prank people and loved to laugh.
• Secondly, Tom’s passion for adventure & activity never stopped. Even though he was only with us for 54 years, he did more in that time that most of us do in a lifetime. Some of Tomas’ many exploits include - driving across the country when he was in his 20’s and staying in $15 per night youth hostels. Traveling to Europe with his family. He also loved to go out on his boat, whether short trips, or taking day trips to the Bahamas or even taking his family on night boat rides on the Intracoastal….and of course FISHING! He also played tennis for years…until his shoulder gave out and then came his latest passion…Pickle Ball. He could not get enough of that game. He always had a strong quest for competition, but I think he loved the friends he met playing more than the game itself, as well as playing with his sons.
• And lastly there was Tom’s kindness toward others. He was quick to help someone in need, never bullied anyone and was always very thoughtful of others. As an example – we all know how much Tom loved to fish, but the funny part is he rarely, if ever, ate the fish. And anyone who has been fishing knows, the worst part is when you get back to the dock and have to clean the fish. You’re tired, cranky and generally you just want to go home. Cleaning the fish could take another hour but Tom always did it. He then gave away the fish asking nothing in return. Just like the story of Jesus when he turned those 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish into enough food to feed 5000 people, Tom was doing the work of Jesus by helping to feed his flock. And this is one of the many reasons why I believe Jesus has opened the doors to Heaven for you Tommie Boy.
So I ask all of you to learn from Tom. Be more humorous, be more adventurous and always be thoughtful and kind. We all could be better by taking a small page out of Tom’s Life Book….
I want to offer my deepest condolences to all of you here who loved Tom. In particular, Tom’s girlfriend Debbie. You guys were together for about 8 years. I know he cared deeply for you as you both had a very special bond. I am very sorry for your heartache and pray God gives you comfort in your time of suffering.
Special condolences also to Tom’s sister Donna and his brother Frank. Please know that he was always very proud of his little sister and little brother as he watched you grow….From my many conversations with him, I know he loved you both greatly and was also very proud of your accomplishments.
Lastly, my sympathies as well, to Tom’s sons TJ and Jonathan. Know your Dad loved you, know he cherished you and know he always had your best interest at heart. He has taught you a lot over the years and has left you with many learnings. Heed his advice. He also left you an incredible gift. He gave you the Beres family name and now it’s up to you to carry on the family traditions and to promote his legacy.
Tom, you were my Brother man. I Love You Snapper Head and will never forget you!
Now go and Rest in Peace with Jesus, your parents and all of your family members who’ve passed before you!

Charlie Labassi

peggy mizzell on Jul 15, 2019

Tom will be remembered as a kind and gentle man. It was such a honor and pleasure to have known him. Prayers and condolences going out to his sons and family and all of us who will miss him forever.

Troy Gaeta on Jul 14, 2019

To my dear friend and colleague. It was a true pleasure and honor knowing you for so many years. You will live in my thoughts and memories forever and I’ll see you on the other side one day. "Don't eat all the orange slices and save some for me".
Troy G

Chris boariu on Jul 13, 2019

Chris Boariu on Jul 13, 2019

Maria on Jul 13, 2019

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you all. Maria (Melanie’s Mom).

Suzanne Stess on Jul 13, 2019

Thomas was a great person, a great dad, and a great brother! I am SO, SO sad and my prayers are with his boys, Donna, and Frank today. I will remember our days at Seton Hall and all the good laughs we had. When I think of Thomas, I see him laughing and having a good time, as he had a great sense of humor! He passed way too soon, and I’m glad I had the chance to see him a few months ago and we were able to reminisce about the good old days at SHU! Thomas, may you Rest in Peace- you will be deeply missed by all! xoxo

Chris boariu on Jul 13, 2019

My heart is heavy , I have lost a dear friend , Tom I will miss our great fishing trips and get togethers !! You left us too early !! TG and Jonathan our deapest condolences. Your dad was one of the best and loved you so much !!Stay strong . May God Bless you ! Chris and Camelia Boariu

Grace Moreira on Jul 12, 2019

My deepest condolences to the Beres family. I had the privilege of working with Tom. Tom always had a smile for everyone, he was diligent, friendly, and kind. He was very smart and always helpful. Tom will be sorely missed. May God give you peace in knowing that you were able to share your lives, if even for a moment, with such a special soul. God Bless you Tom.

Daniella Niss on Jul 12, 2019

When I first met Tom on the Pickleball courts, he was playing with Jonathan in the Delray Round Robin. From that moment, I knew I was in the presence of an amazing father. He always spoke of his sons with such love and adoration. I know his teachings and unconditional love will continue within TJ and Jonathan. Tom’s energy and spirit remains within all who he met. Forever missed, and remembered forever. ❤️ May the family find comfort in knowing you are always a part of our Pickleball Family. We are here for you. 🙏🏻

Donna Sysyn on Jul 11, 2019

Thomas, I miss you so much. Your adventurous and positive spirit always impressed me. We have shared so many great memories throughout our lives. You were an amazing role model to TJ and Jonny and your life lessons will keep them strong. You always made the extra effort to make sure that our kids shared great experiences together. Say “Hi” to mom and dad. I love you all. Rocky

Jerome Tolentino on Jul 11, 2019

Condolences to the bereaved family.

Tracie Ramirez on Jul 11, 2019

My heart is heavy. I am so very sorry to hear of this sad news. Deepest condolences to to his boys, Donna , Frank and family . RIP Tom. 💔

Mike Zibura on Jul 11, 2019

I got to know Tom over the past couple of months. I worked with him on a weekly basis. I am so sorry to hear about his passing. He was a great guy and I was really looking forward to meeting him in person. God bless.

Ed Kohly on Jul 10, 2019

I am SO sorry to hear about Tom's passing, I first met Tom at Peak 10 while we worked together and we kept in touch over the years. We both worked in the same industry and loved the keys. He would always talked about his sons and I know he loved them. I'm so sorry, my prayers are with you all..

-Ed Kohly

TJ Beres on Jul 10, 2019


TJ on Jul 10, 2019




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